Mrte (mrte) wrote in vintageau,

Yay another great Community to join!!

Okey a little about me. My name is Marty, im 29 and live in adelaide.

I am into cult and arthouse movies, music, collecting; records; toys; retro/vintage gear.

I actually first got into retro (or what some people call vintage) when my aunty gave me an awesome starburst clock! from there i have been into collecting space age furniture (kartell plastics, panton chairs, and fabrics)
I also collect Tretchikoff paintings (i have chinese girl, blalanese girl and miss wong) so far

I also love dressing up (as you will see the pic i attach) Last year i went to a Surf safari pub crawl, that was a total riot! there is one held here in adelaide every year!

That is all for now, i hope to meet sum interesting peopel here, and to swap sum retro pad/decor tips!!!


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