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hi im new!

my mum found me some left over vintage owl fabric from the 70's.
my mum and dad bought it to decorate my room as a baby.
i love anything birds...so im thrilled.
ive got abit over a metre square not sure what ill do with it yet.

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the smiths rule!

that fabrics funky! meybe stretch it over a frame and hang it as wall art?
That is so good! Make cushions out of it! Then you could put plain fabric on the back, and it'll go further. You could make square or round ones, and some which are just the shape of the owls...!!
that is such a good idea...why hadnt i thought of that!?
i was planning on the canvas wall hanging but i mite even do both now.
eeek! yay! im excited.
thanks tons...
Why is it whenever i see fabric my first thought is always... make a bag!!! unfortunately that really doesnt last too long. mrte and xmarararax's ideas are both great though- i would go with them! That fabric is just too adorable.
i thought of making a bag...i need more fabric so i can make everything hehe...
I second the cushion idea- very cute fabric!