paula (heyboy) wrote in vintageau,

Howdy! I'm Paula. Reside in Melbourne.

I guess I'm here for the same reasons everyone else is. Vintage! I love everything from the 1920s up to the 1960s. 1940s is the decade I'd love to have lived in. I run a photography company which specialises in pin-up photography, as well as band shots.

You can find more at

Cheers guys!
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i love your photography work...the 2nd to last one
but im a boy i guess, so i had to say that one!! :P
Just because you're a boy, doesn't mean you can't enjoy my work. Haha :P
Hi, what amazing photos! Who does these girl's hair & makeup? I'm looking for someone to do my hair for my wedding (I was going to do it myself, because I trust no one, but everyone is insisting I find someone to do it for me) -- if you know anyone that would do it, let me know.
Did you not have any luck with Kriss?
Why thank you.
I did all the girls hair actually. And makeup.
I'm not a hairdresser or anything, so I wouldn't trust myself to do hair for your wedding, but hey, I photograph weddings ;) Hehe...

PS. Chas Ray Krider is my all time favourite photographer. Have you got his Motel Fetish book? Simply AMAZING!
Hello. That's a lovely photo of you and I like the last two photos!
Cheers :)
Hey there. I've come across some of your work before. Always looks great (think i first noticed it when trying to find a retro motel actually- ha). The vintage look and glamour shots are great. p.s. love your chest piece. Are your tattoo's mostly old school style?
Thanks for that doll :)
My ink is mostly old skool stuff, i have the roses on my chest, swallows on my shoulders, a skull & some stars on my lower back & cherries with bows on my ankles... soon to be a pirate leg also ;) woo!
oh wow, great photos!
ah, now i know what to do with that spare set of fairy lights ;]
no, but seriously, these are great.
and i also think it's awesome that your name is paula =]
why thank you!
yeah those fairy lights were a stress. they are actually for the house, not the tree. lol... silly me! but they work a treat!
Paula! You are gorgeous. I'm trying to remember if we've met!? I know I met Corey in mid-04 at a Sommerset show when I was staying with Bridget, and I'm sure his gf was there...random story I know, and you'd probably never remember it anyway!
You are so talented, at hair as well as those photos! I'd love to play dress-ups with you one day haha, I don't have any friends interested in that stuff here in Adelaide :(
Thanks for joining!! x Mara

ps. How good's Jelena!?!
I don't think we did meet. I know more about you from TJ than anyone really. But in all seriousness, next time you visit Melbs, bring your lovely pink hat & we will book in a time to take photos!! I'm getting some more background colours, so I'm quite excited!

Ps. Jelena is one of my fave girls to work with. She is so energised & I think it shows in the photos! Hehe.. Love that girl!