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Sydney Rockers: 1980s

So i was invited to join a facebook group called Sydney Rockers and it's basically the place where all of the old Sydney rockers and rockabilly folk from the 1980s and early 1990s post all their old pictures!

The photos are AMAZING. there are so many of them, but here are my favourites. I've kept to the black and white and sepia ones. Just to keep a theme. But the old colour ones are amazing too.

Thought some of you guys might be interested to see how things were done in rockabilly revival of the 1980s here in Sydney!

From a newspaper clipping.

"Sue Cadzow wrote at 1:05pm on June 23rd, 2008
Gorgeous Gals!! Platinum blonde was to the eighties scene what Bettie Page haircuts are to the current crowd!!!"

MOAR! (picture heavy btw)

Sydney rockers!

Kinda makes you wanna sigh:

This was a shot for Dolly Magazine back in the 1980s

Ken McKenzie wrote at 3:43pm on June 24th, 2008
"yeah, it was supposed to be the 'normal' shot in a story about what people got up to on the weekends...The journalist was a little peeved that we always looked like that. "But, you are supposed to be NORMAL!"..I got pissed off and was about to get ugly when the guy with the camera said "well, let's take a shot anyway!" "

This was taken in 1998 but it's a shot of the Lansdowne Hotel!!!

It looks so different.

Talking about Lansdowne Hotel... here's a few of them jamming right outside hahaa.

More street jamming.... DOUBLE DOUBLE BASSES!!

They picnic at Centennial park a lot apparently lol.

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