Fredison Bastille (footdemlins) wrote in vintageau,
Fredison Bastille


Hello all.
I'm Fredison (or Lex) and I'm in Melbourne.
I'm studying education/arts (majoring in History) and I hope to lecture in World War Two history in the future.
I collect 40's summer dresses and 50's party dresses.
I have some photos under the cut:

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My favourite lippy of all time.

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I have even brighter red hair now.

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My glasses. I got them off my aunt, I think they're from the 50's.

And some photos from a shoot I did att eh start of the year.
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Sorry if thats too many photos.
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awesome glasses!
all the photos are great.
for some reason you look familiar, which is incredibly odd because i don't live in melbourne!
thanks doll!
i have so many people telling me I look like someone they know, so I'm not surprised! Mabye youve seen me in a comm some time ago?
perhaps! that would explain it, anyway. =D
Oh I knew I'd heard of you before!! I remember those photos from the start of the year! You look rad in that one with the glasses.
Pleasure to meet you!
pleasure to meet you too!
I love your lippy!! Best red ever -- what is it?

Also, where abouts in Melbourne do you live? You look familiar...
its chanel ummm... thingo. ive forgotten at the mo.
camberwell area. you?
I live in Collingwood... you in Fitzroy much?

When you remember your lipstick let me know, I'm looking for a decent shade that will actually stay on. For some reason I can't even get the colour-stay brands to stick...
I use Australis lipliner Siren I think. I don't use lippie, I just put on some Nivea cherry lip gloss and then draw the liner on top. I generally only have to top it up about 1 or 2 times a day, normally after I've eaten. Annnd, it's only $10!
Thanks for the awesome advice, I might give it a try!
i just rembered - chanel pirate. tis expensive, but it is the only true vintage red i have seen. and it stays on, i only need to put it on again after lots of food.
the colour stay ones turn gross after a while for me...
sorry for the lateness.
No need to apoligise! Thankyou so much for letting me know. I don't mind if it's expensive, I'm sure it's well worth the money -- the colourstay ones go funny on me too, and the sensation of dry, caked lips is horrible.
you're gorgeous!
& you're right, that red lippy is stunning on you :)
So Beautiful! and yess... the glasses rocks!